Tire Recycling

Tire recycling in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Department of Public Works estimates that drivers in Los Angeles County generate ten million waste scrap tires every year. A large number of these tires are illegally dumped or stored in empty warehouses causing serious threat to public health and irreparable damage to the environment.

To alleviate this problem the Los Angeles Department of Public Works is encouraging drivers and tire retail shops to recycle their waste tires in a more proper and responsible way.

Properly recycled tires could be used to construct rubberized asphalt concrete and slurry to be used on road maintenance and resurfacing projects. Rubber mulch, a unique rubber granule also made from recycled tire rubber, can be used to build a safer surface in playgrounds and artificial turf fields on golf courses.

The call to reuse waste materials to save our environment is the need of our time. Help us move one step forward towards a more sustainable environment by recycling your waste tires.